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100% Clean, Fresh & Nutritive vegetables

100% Clean, Fresh & Nutritive

🌱 Join us at Eewa Farms for a rewarding volunteering experience!
Immerse yourself in the wonders of nature and contribute to sustainable agriculture. Connect with the nurture, and learn about hydroponics. It’s an enriching opportunity for people of all ages to bond with nature and foster a greener tomorrow.
🌾 Our hi-tech farm offers a unique chance to experience modern farming techniques firsthand. Whether you’re a curious child or a seasoned gardener, including groups, student clubs, businesses, and individuals, there’s something for everyone. Volunteers under age 16 must be accompanied by an adult. You can learn and assist with a range of farm activities such as sowing, transplanting, pruning, harvesting etc.
Engage in hands-on activities, explore innovative technologies, and gain valuable insights into eco-friendly farming practices.
Partner with us on this green journey towards a brighter, healthier future! 🌱





Our Produce

Premium produce from our farm, delivered to your door.


Cherry Tomatoes


What we do

At Eewa Farms, we specialize in sustainable hydroponic farming, cultivating fresh, organic, and pesticide-free produce. Using innovative precision farming techniques, we grow a variety of nutritious fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Our eco-friendly approach prioritizes local sourcing, ethical practices, and environmentally-conscious solutions, ensuring our farm-to-table products are of the highest quality.
What We Do

We would love to have you at our Farm

Come and discover the joy of being with nature. Experience the beauty of sustainable farming at Eewa Farms and contribute towards the environment positively.

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