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Our Hydroponic Farm takes full advantage of its location. Vegetables, fruits and herbs are harvested each morning from the Farm and travel a few kilometers straight to the shops and to your kitchens.

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Eewa Farms stands as a futuristic marvel, a state-of-the-art hydroponic farm seamlessly blending technology with nature. Nestled within its walls are cutting-edge hydroponic systems, offering a glimpse into the future of sustainable agriculture.
With a serene atmosphere, our farm invites you to explore innovative cultivation methods and immerse yourself in the perfect harmony of technology and nature.
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call us +91 7669 554455.
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Welcome to Eewa Farms’ “Community Cultivation Program“,
a gateway for local communities to dive into the world of sustainable agriculture! 
We invites you all, especially children, to join us in hands-on farming activities, learning the art of cultivating their own food in a chemical-free environment. At Eewa Farms, we believe in fostering a deeper connection with nature and empowering individuals to grow fresh, harmful chemical-free healthy produce. 
Through interactive sessions, workshops, and farm visits, participants explore the wonders of hydroponic farming, discovering the joy of nurturing plants and understanding the importance of sustainable practices. 
Our goal is to inspire a generation of nature lovers and conscious consumers. By engaging in these activities, kids and adults alike develop a profound appreciation for nature’s bounty while gaining valuable knowledge about growing wholesome, pesticide-free fruits and vegetables using hi-tech farming techniques.
Join us in this journey towards a greener, healthier future, where everyone can savor the joy of growing their own food and embracing a harmonious relationship with nature.
Let’s collectively cultivate a community that thrives on sustainable living! 

How to find us

We’re located at Village- Kanarsi, Greater Noida, UP 203201.
If you need help, please give us a call on +91 7669 554455