Basil Pesto Salad

Hey there, kitchen maestro! Ready to whip up some magic? Let's talk about a salad that's so fresh, it's practically doing the cha-cha on your taste buds. We're diving into a Basil Pesto Dressing that's going to make your veggies do a happy dance.



First things first, gather those vibrant tomatoes and crisp cucumbers (along with onions, bell petters etc.). Slice and dice them. 
In a blender, throw in the basil leaves, cashew nuts, olive oil, salt, black pepper, chilli flakes, garlic flakes, and a splash of lemon juice. Blend until it’s smooth.
Take your freshly chopped veggies and gently fold them in this green goddess dressing. Coating every piece with love and flavour.
Drizzle a bit more olive oil – because why not? – and sprinkle some parsley, flax seeds, and pumpkin seeds for that satisfying crunch.
Toss it all together like you are tossing confetti at a celebration, and voilà! Your Basil Pesto Salad is ready to steal the show.
Serve it up, and get ready for a standing ovation – your taste buds are about to give you a round of applause! 🌿✨

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